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Planting Trees and Shrubs for an Outdoor Classroom at Fairview School - December 17

The Saturday before Christmas 2016, on a rainy cold dreary day, Fairview Eagle Scouts and parents planted trees and shrubs for the outdoor classroom with the help of a $200 donation from the BCMG to purchase plant materials.  Angie Caldwell and Sandy Vandenberg supervised the planting.  Over $700 has gone into this project, including funds raised by the Scouts along with donations of materials from the community.  Students and teachers have already been using this area, which will grow to a lovely shaded setting in maturity.

Making Pinecone Bird Feeders at the Farmers' Market - November 12

Are your gardens ready for winter?  When do I prune?  Can I still plant trees?  Master Gardeners were there to give you the answers!  The kids program was popular and attracted people of all ages.  The goal was to create a pinecone bird feeder by first covering a pinecone with peanut butter and then rolling it in birdseed.  Participants were given their pinecone to take home.

Volunteer Day at Tremont - November 12

Helpers of all ages participated in Volunteer Day at the Great Smoky Mountain Institute at Tremont. Included were a number Blount County Master Gardeners who are developing a native species flower bed.  Design of the bed requires the addition of rocks to define the perimeter and add a native perspective.  Many other volunteers cleaned tent areas; trimmed trees; and raked leaves out of drainage areas, and then piled them in a field where they could be spread and shredded for mulch.

Decorating Pumpkins at the Maryville Farmers' Market - October 29

The Master Gardeners booth at the Farmers' Market gave children the opportunity to decorate pumpkins with a variety of colorful stickers.  It also provided information about the BCMG program.

Presentation on Drip Irrigation - October 25

Janice Gangwer, a Master Gardener from Knox County, spoke at the BCMG monthly meeting about various methods of home irrigation and their effectiveness.  

Monarchs in Maryville - October 23

Monarchs were spotted on their way south!  A Monarch female was photographed while stopping on a blooming Stevia plant and on a yellow Canna. 

Work Party at the Blount County Extension Office - October 22

On Court Street in Maryville, the beds in front of the Extension Office were cleaned and weeded, and the flower boxes on the side were replanted.  The party was well attended by Master Gardeners from the 2016 Class!

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