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2018 Feb 27 - Beardsley Community Farm

We learned about the Beardsley Community Farm  from Khann Chov, Urban Agriculture Director.  Check out their website at  Gail Harris, a former Blount County Master Gardener, worked with the Community Action Committee (CAC) and helped write the grant that supported the start up of the Beardsley Community Farm.

2017 Oct 24 - Landscape Design

Leah Gardner, an ecologically based landscape designer and an artist, discussed her design process and provided examples.

For her designs, Leah focuses on aesthetic quality as well as the environmental characteristics of a site.

    2017 July 25 - Something Wormy This Way Comes

    Kim Bolton of A Vermi Farm told us about vermi composting which uses worms to change organic waste into a nutrient rich soil amendment.  Her motto is:  "Ditch the chemicals and give your plants some love."

    Click the link above to see her website - that'll whet your appetite for learning more about worm farming and gardening with worm castings

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