Announcing the 2018 Master Gardener Training Class

Learn What It Takes To Be a Master Gardener

  • If you like digging in the dirt and helping your community at the same time, then Master Gardeners could be for you!
  • The Blount County Master Gardener (BCMG) Association and the UT Extension Office of Blount County will host an informational session on Monday, December 11, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the Blount County Public Library in the Dorothy Herron Room. 
  • The open information session will offer all the details on the upcoming 2018 Master Gardener 13-week training course scheduled to begin January 17, 2018. 
  • For more information and to get an application for the class, click on this link:

Become a Master Gardener!

Blount County Master Gardeners (BCMG)

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"Hands in the Dirt"

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REAP Program and Workshop for Growing Vegetables

Early this spring BCMG released a vegetable based "Garden in a Box" as the first in a planned series of gardens grown from seed under the REAP program. REAP stands for Realizing Economical Agricultural Potential and was originally developed through the efforts of the Cumberland County Master Gardeners and the Plateau Discovery Gardens.

The kit contains 21 different varieties of vegetable seeds and planting instructions with diagrams for three seasons of harvest. The box garden plans can be used by any gardener wishing to easily add a planned home grown garden but is especially helpful to novice gardeners.

Bradford Pear Trees?  There Are Better Choices!

In early spring, Blount County erupts in clouds of white puffballs. Driveways and roads are lined with drifts of white blossoms and many people feel spring is finally here when they see them. In recent years, the more negative aspects of these ubiquitous trees of springtime snow have become obvious.

Spring Plant Sales - Don't Go Without a Plan!

Spring is in the air and our gardens are awake and growing. We've had lots of rain to erase all thoughts of last year's drought. We've spent the winter months anticipating warm days and sunny skies, and we can't wait to get out and see all the colorful flowers once again! Garden sales and swaps are now enticing us to add to our collection of green things. So now is a good time to think about what we need and what we should be planting and have a plan before we hit those sales.

Crepe Murder! Please Stop Killing Your Trees!!

Every year crimes against nature are committed in gardens all across the South. Some are done by well meaning gardeners and homeowners who copy what they see others do. Often this green crime is carried out by ignorant "landscape" companies in possession of freshly sharpened chainsaws, and with the need to get the job done quickly. Or maybe you noticed a neighbor with spring fever and a shiny new chainsaw out there hacking away? The results are hideous and deformed trees whose lives are being shortened.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Garden Tools - Steps to Take for Disease Prevention

I've had my fair share of garden diseases, insects and pests that arrive from outside my garden, and I don't want them to spread; but hate resorting to toxic compounds to have a healthy garden. I love the idea of prevention rather that treating the problem, too. Unfortunately, more often than not, old time remedies or the latest hyped cure-all don't prove to do what is promised. Like many gardeners, I prefer to try the safest and greenest way to deal with garden issues first before escalating to stronger methods. But how do we know what that is?

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Recent Events

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BCMG Annual Spring Plant Sale - May 13

If you missed our annual plant sale, you missed something special!  Click on the link above and then click on the first photo to start the show and the music!

Sevier County Master Gardener Flower Show - Apr 22

Blount County Master Gardeners Nancy Sentell and Glenda Edmondson were there to represent us.

Jr. Master Gardener Program Holds First Class for Students - March 22

Master Gardeners Elaine Jollay and Mary Gentry led the first Jr. Master Gardener class at Lanier School.  They worked with Renee Powell's students to finish filling the raised bed garden and start planting!

Jr. Master Gardener "Learn, Grow, Eat and Go" Program - Raised Bed Building - March 14

Master Gardeners worked with Renne Powell of Lanier School to create a raised bed garden for her class.  It was a chilly day, but spirits and energy were high!  Participants included Maryann Gerber, Mike and Tori Graham, Elaine Jollay, Mark Mason, and Frances Presnell.

Fruit Tree Planting Class at Brown’s Creek Orchard, Maryville College - March 8

Blount County Master Gardeners participated in planting 8 apple trees in the Maryville College Brown’s Creek Orchard yesterday as a follow-up to fruit tree pruning classes held in February.  Organized by Master Gardener Donna Dixon, we met with Dr. Drew Crain and his Maryville College Biology Fundamentals students for a fun and informative afternoon! 

Spring-Like Temps Could Mean Colder Weather To Come - February 24

John Wilson, director of the University of Tennessee's Blount County Agricultural Extension Service, and Reena Lieber, Blount County Master Gardener, along with other local garden experts were featured in THE DAILY TIMES.

Featured Photograph - February 20

Sandy Vandenberg, BCMG Master Gardener and well-known nature photographer, had one of her beautiful photographs in the Knoxville News Sentinel Photo: Reader's Eye 2017 feature on February 20.  Scroll through the photos to see Sandy's photo taken in Cades Cove on January 29, 2017.

Maryville College Grove Project - February 8

Copy and past this link into a new browser window: .  It will take you to a video produced by Maryville College and posted on YouTube.  Master Gardeners and Maryville College students participated in pruning a variety of fruit trees on the campus.  John Wilson, UT Extension Leader for Blount County, was on hand to help with instruction.

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What We Do

Certified Extension Master Gardeners are trained by University of Tennessee (UT) Extension Service professionals to provide sound, practical, research based information in the areas of residential and consumer horticulture.

We strive to promote environmental stewardship and share the joys of gardening by:
  • Coordinating and managing gardening-related service projects;
  • Answering horticultural questions posed by community gardeners;
  • Helping to educate the public by holding gardening classes and plant clinics, and writing about gardening topics of interest to our community.
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Upcoming Events

Book Release! Check It Out...

Right Here! Plants That Thrive in East Tennessee is a book of plant descriptions and stories, written and illustrated with color photos by 25 Blount County Master Gardeners.

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